The Davis Committee for Palestinian Rights (DCPR) was formed in 2009 to initiate local peaceful endeavors in Davis, California and support national and international efforts to encourage the state of Israel to end its violations of the human rights of the Palestinian people.

DCPR is engaged in boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) efforts with the goal of pressuring Israel to comply with international law and cease violating the rights of the Palestinian people. Specifically DCPR calls for Israel to:

  1. End its occupation and colonization of all Arab lands and dismantling the “Separation” Wall;
  2. Recognize the fundamental right of non-Jewish citizens of Israel to full equality with Jews; and
  3. Respect, protect and promote the rights of Palestinian refugees to return to their homes and properties as stipulated in UN Resolution 194.

DCPR is working to stop the U.S. government from enabling Israel’s criminal behavior, which it does by supplying $3 billion annually in military aid to Israel and using its veto power at the U.N. to thwart the Security Council’s attempts to sanction Israel for its numerous violations of international law.  As a nation-state, Israel should be held accountable to the same international humanitarian and legal standards to which any other country is accountable.

DCPR supports the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and opposes racial, ethnic or religious-based discrimination of all forms and against any individual or group, including those whose identity is Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Arabic, Bedouin, Gypsy, Buddhist, Hindi, etc.

DCPR works with other local, state, national and international non-governmental organizations engaged in peaceful efforts to promote human rights and end Israel’s violation of the rights of the Palestinian people.


6 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Frank Fox Says:

    The Jewish people may disagree and agree to disagree with each other, but we don’t need collaborators with terrorist organizations to tell us how to answer the hate and smear tactics your organization and campaign perpetrates on Jews all over the world. You have no right to be so one sided and jaded about the Palestinian issue- there are no unguilty parties in this quagmire- The Jews are not going to “go away” and neither are the Palestinians. Compromise is necessary- not total and complete submission to badgering.

    1. Frank Fox Says:

      Democracy or hippocracy?

    2. davisbds Says:


      You call us “…collaborators with terrorist organizations…” and claim that we perpetrate hate and smear tactics on Jews all over the world. Take a look at the numerous letters posted in the Davis Enterprise by those of us supporting BDS and by those who defend Israel’s actions; read them carefully, look into your heart, then decide for yourself which group is truly using smear tactics and hate in their characterizations.

      I also invite you to step out of your comfort zone and thoroughly examine how Israel is behaving toward the Palestinian people. Take a trip to the West Bank and see for yourself. Read some history of the conflict, particularly about Plan Dalet and the actions of the Haganah, Irgun, and the Lehi (Stern Gang) in the 1930’s and the early months of 1948—works by Benny Morris, Ilan Pappe, Nur Masalha, and others provide the narrative. Examine the statements made by Vladomir Jabotinsky, Yossef Weitz, Chaim Weissman, Ben Gurion and other early Zionists who faced the reality that creation of a Jewish state in a land where only 11% were Jews in 1917 would require the dispossession and “transfer” of the remaining inhabitants, the Palestinian people–a practice we now call “ethnic cleansing”. See how Begin and Sharon extended their practices as military commanders into governmental policy regarding the building and expansion of settlements in Jerusalem and the West Bank, and how Netanyahu is accelerating this practice today, with pride instead of apology.

      If you are up to a greater challenge, ask yourself whether it is possible for any single religious group in a world of multiple religions and faiths, each claiming to be in sole possession of the truth, to adequately justify to all the remaining religious groups through the assertion of entitlement by divine right the taking of land occupied by others. A group’s members may be able to justify such a practice to themselves, but such justification can never have universal appeal and is, therefore, unacceptable to promoters of global justice. I don’t believe any religious doctrine can usurp the rights of others, whether Jewish, Muslim, Christian, pagan or other. While some who are resisting the Israeli occupation may want to make a similar claim on behalf of an Islamic state, most Palestinians don’t; nor do I.

      I believe you know very well that we are not being hateful towards Jews when we make statements in support of the position I have delineated above. I become disappointed when bright people have to resort to use of demonizing ad hominums when they can find no argument adequate to defend the actions of Israel. For the moment, defenders of Israel can rely upon suicide bombings and rocket attacks by the militant wing of the Palestinian resistance to justify actions by their state as a quest solely to provide security for Israelis. But as we are now seeing, for the majority of the population outside the confines of the U.S. corporate media, even that veil is wearing thin and will soon be insufficient as a cover for the Zionist intentions that are truly driving the occupation.

      I agree with you that compromise will be necessary for there to be peace. But if the peace is to be just, there cannot be compromise about the facts, only about the practicalities and methods of achieving it.

      Mikos Fabersunne

  2. Hi: I teach at UC Davis and have returned from a year away from the US. I’ve heard a bit on the SJP-Davis list about your campaign – kudos for your efforts and great website! I am one of the founding organizers of the academic/cultural boycott campaign of Israel (USACBI) and am very happy to hear about your organizing in the Davis area. Please do get in touch.

    1. davisbds Says:

      Hello, Sunaina: Thanks for the kind words. We’ve been staying in touch with SJP-Davis, supporting them however we can. BDS is expanding in many ways: Jewish Voice for Peace has initiated a campaign to get TIAA-CREF to divest; the Olympia Food Co-op in Washington voted to divest and to remove Israeli goods from its shelves; a PERS divestment initiative will be beginning soon; and we are planning a film series in Davis. We would like to see SJP initiate an ASUCD campaign for divestment similar to that by UC Berkeley, and to actively oppose the UCD Summer Abroad program to Israel. We are ready to offer our support for both.

      We feel very hopeful about what the coming year will bring. Evidence of that comes from observing the actions of the local pro-Israel lobby, to which we refer as the Davis IDF and which is showing its desperation through its avoidance of the fundamental issues of the conflict, spewing erroneous “facts” and irrelevant information, and resorting to the tactic of continuously labeling us as a hate group. Ironically, the only “hate” that has been expressed has been by the Davis IDFers towards us, as you can tell by reviewing old issues of the Enterprise. With their smear brush in hand, they are painting themselves and Israel into a most untenable corner. But the good news is that Jews here in Davis and elsewhere are becoming braver everyday as they step outside their comfort zone and face the ugly realities of Israel’s illegal occupation that we see today in the form of settlement expansion, housing demolitions, crop destruction, land confiscation and theft, and unwarranted detentions. They are beginning to acknowledge how these actions are simply the furtherance of the goals of the Zionist project that began in 1917 with the founders’ recognition that ethnic cleansing of the Palestinian inhabitants was essential if the formation of an exclusively Jewish state were ever to be successful. And the bravest among them are questioning whether any people, Jews or non-Jews, can lay claim to the property of others through assertion of a divine religious right. This gives me great hope.

  3. Donna Miller Says:

    Thank You Mikos!
    Donna Miller

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